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Ray Boyd For Georgia
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We The People Advocate - Ray Boyd

Latest Update

10-29-12 New Video - Obama is a Post Turtle by Ray Boyd.

Click here to watch this video on YouTube.




For Immediate Release Contact: Ray Boyd (706) 557 2165


October 29, 2012


Georgia Businessman Ray Boyd of Morgan County is releasing an attention grabbing video to the public detailing his reasons for describing President Barack Obama as a “post turtle.” According to Boyd, “if you see a turtle on a post you know a couple of things right off. You know he didn't get their by himself. Somebody had to put him there…those billion dollars that he (Obama) raised the first time, I don't know where the hell it came from, but he didn't get there by himself. Number two: He doesn't know what to do in that position. He’s not qualified to be there. That’s a place he doesn't know how to function… he is over his head.”

Boyd, a husband, father, grandfather Air Force veteran and the owner of Ray Boyd Properties, a multi-million dollar real estate firm, explains in the nine minute video that someone had to stand up and say what the mainstream media has intentionally masked. “Healthcare debates on C-Span, hope and change, cutting the budget deficit in half, it was all a lie” according to Boyd. “I know it’s a harsh word, but President Obama is a liar.”

Boyd is uniquely qualified to express his opinion on the President’s handling of the economy. When Obama got elected, Boyd – who specializes in commercial real estate, says his properties were 100 percent occupied. Today he’s 75 vacant. “Did I suddenly lose my ability to function in the market place? No it’s just the government interferes with the free enterprise system, and every time they do, they screw it up for us business people out here.”

Boyd is not just saying it like it is, he’s challenging the American people to reclaim their birthright and obligation to take the government back from Washington. “This country offers everybody an equal opportunity to succeed. If you can't make it in this country, you can't make it anywhere.”

Boyd is optimistic that Americans will hear his message and deliver an overwhelming victory to GOP challenger and accomplished businessman Mitt Romney. “We, as a country, voted for Obama the first time to show the world we're not racists. We need to vote his butt out this time to show the world we're not idiots!”

To see Boyd’s heart-felt message “President Obama is a post turtle,” simply click on the following link or type the address into your web browser. Click here to view the video.





My fellow Georgians and  Americans,

Please read the two articles below which I have  personally paid to have
them appear in numerous Georgia newspapers  as two separate full page ads
including appearing in the Sunday July 29, 2012,  edition of The Atlanta

I encourage you to read them, and if you find them  worthy, to forward them
to people who you think would have an interest in  reading them.  I know
some of you are not residents of Georgia, and you  may think the article on
T-SPLOST does not apply to you.  But, it is  my deep conviction that the
distrust of incumbent politicians of both major  parties reveals a cancer that
resides in just about every state  in the union.  Tax plans, like T-SPLOST in
Georgia, flow like molten  lava from our nation's capitol. 

Please vote your convictions on July 31, 2012, and  again on the national
election day November 6, 2012.  Do not take your  freedom to vote for granted,
or the power that it can wield if  cast.

May God continue to bless America and people around  the world who struggle
to enjoy the freedoms we Americans must fight for  every day to maintain
for ourselves.  We American citizens are the  shining beacon that offers
hope to all the citizens of the world who are  oppressed.

Ray Boyd, a concerned  citizen




The rank and file members of the two major political parties in this country, the Republican Party and the Democratic Party, have seen their party leaders veer their party in directions that make their members wonder if they are still comfortable calling themselves Republicans or Democrats.  As a former lifelong Republican, I did not abandon my party.  They abandoned me.  I think Ronald Reagan would roll in his grave if he knew what has happened to his party.

This country needs a new political party.  This new party should not form to be a third party.  It should be a new first party.  It should rapidly grow to fill the huge void in America left by Republicans and Democrats at every level of government.  The vast majority of voters have no one to represent them anymore.  This new party should form after the November 2012 Presidential election to avoid any distraction, at this time, from the dire need of this exceptional Nation to remove Barack Obama from office, and the equally important task of taking control of the United State Senate away from Harry Reid just as we took control of the United State House from Nancy Pelosi.



1.  Freedom:  The absence of necessity, coercion, or constraint in choice or action.

2.  Liberty:  The power of choice.

3.  Self-Determinism:  A doctrine that the actions of a self are determined by itself.

The combination of these three core principles once burned with passion in the hearts of the founding fathers of this great country. They gave slight ground on these principles only to live in harmony with their neighbors.   They recognized the necessity of establishing codified documents to serve as guiding lights for a new born country.  These documents, the Constitution of the United States of America and the Bill of Rights, were drawn from the collective wisdom of individuals who had lived under a governmental system that gave little or no regard for the above core principles.  The documents were not perfect nor were they cast in stone.  For over two hundred years these documents and amendments thereto, have provided the guidelines for the most remarkable evolution of a country in the history of the world.  A country founded on Judeo-Christian principles, but a country accepting of religious freedoms for everyone.  A country founded on the belief that its greatest strength would be its people-- not its government.  A country founded by individuals who would rather die than surrender their core principles.

The United States of America grew from its meager beginnings to become the greatest nation on the face of the earth.   But, to simply say America holds the number one spot on the list of all the countries in the world does not adequately state its true superiority.  We have no peer in greatness that is even close to us.  The difficult question to answer would be who you put as number two-- China, Great Britain, Germany, Russia, Japan, India, or whomever.

America achieved this mantel of greatness because of its people.  People were born here, and people came here from every corner of the world seeking a better life-- a new beginning in a land of freedom and opportunity for everyone.  The melting pot of America heated by a red hot free enterprise system was fertile ground to produce greatness.

What could possibly derail this bullet train to utopia?  The answer is incredibly simple: Creeping Government Intervention (CGI) in every aspect of the people's lives from cradle to grave.  It is obvious the founding fathers recognized the absolute need for a system of government, but it is equally obvious they recognized that it should be limited in its powers.  They structured a governmental system that was shaped like a pyramid.  Limited government at the top, independent states which would have all powers not specifically granted to the federal government, and the broad repository of power was to reside with the people.  This was codified in the 10th Amendment. We the people were charged with the duty to be the guardians of our freedoms, our liberty, and our right to self determinism.

We the people have responded heroically when the need, or perceived need, called upon us to protect our interests abroad, but we have done a miserable job of protecting ourselves from our own government and political parties.  We the people over time have allowed the pyramid of our founding fathers to be turned upside down.  The weight of our current humongous federal government presses its inverted tip down on the people like a sharp spear.  It is time to say with certainty, enough is enough.

We the people must accept the reality that we allowed our country to reach this untenable situation.  We the people are the only ones who can save it.

In order to jump start this New Party, all members of the Republican Party, the Democratic Party, the Libertarian Party, and any other party groups who feel as I do that they have been abandoned by their party must join this new party.  All members of every Tea Party related organization would be asked to join.  As non-party entities these groups have achieved remarkable success.  Many battles have been won, but it is the war to save America that we freedom loving people must win.  There is strength in numbers.  The above core principles burned in the hearts of our founding fathers.  Let us remind the world how we the people produced the greatest nation in the history of mankind-- not our government.

The name for this new party will come from one of our creative founding members, but a working title could be Main Stream America Voters (MSAV).  Main Stream Americans are a very diverse group, but we have in our midst insightful and creative problem solvers.  This new party must, and will, tap into this reservoir of talent.  Hopefully, there are other like minded individuals who would like to help plant the seed for this quick growing Sequoya Tree.

Ray Boyd, a concerned citizen





Before a need for battle ever starts, our military members have pledged by their rhetoric to offer the ultimate sacrifice to protect and defend this great country.  When battle begins, all the rhetoric is pushed aside.   Love for this Country and all things previously pledged are not the one attribute that has caused our military to be the finest fighting machine the world has ever seen.  That precious attribute is trust-- unquestionable trust in your comrade in arms.  An American warrior will fight and die to protect, defend, and save his comrade in arms.  When the warrior acts, the warrior does not possess time for luxuries such as calculation of risk, or concern for their loved ones back home who pray for their warriors' safe return.  The warrior acts, putting trust in the comrade that stands by his side. Each warrior has earned this mutual trust.  We as a free nation are here today because of that level of trust.

Our Congress has a ten (10%) percent approval rating.  We voters do not trust them to protect and defend our best interests.  Our Georgia General Assembly may not even have a 10% approval rating.  Neither group has earned our trust.  Both groups have put their personal best interests above their constituents' best interests.  The rhetoric is always high and mighty, but the deeds are where life and death reside.  It is incredibly sad to me that we have reached this point in our country's history where politicians have earned this level of distrust from their fellow man, the very individuals they pledged to serve.

The definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing over and over, but expect a different result.  It is insane to vote for T-SPLOST.  The structure , the allocations of funds, using $8 million to convince us voters to agree to tax ourselves, the illogical threat of no "Plan  B", and coupling all this with my deep lack of trust of the political rhetoric versus the political deeds dictates an unequivocal vote "NO".  Neither Atlanta nor Georgia will collapse into oblivion when this vote fails.  Atlanta is, and will always be, the transportation hub of the southeast (the old joke is true- if you're going to hell, you will have to change planes in Atlanta).

We voters (and those who are eligible to vote, but do not) are the true guilty parties, but the harsh reality is we voters are the only ones who can fix this problem.  The politicians have used voter lethargy to cause us to feel we do not have the power to control our destiny.  The apathy that got us here must stop.  Our freedom, our liberty, and our right to self-determinism have been eroded overtime, but not lost yet. We must demand these constitutionally guaranteed rights be left alone by government.  Our power is not lost; it's just unused.

We must flex our power when the new General Assembly meets next January. We must demand three things which we want passed immediately and a fourth item once the first three are passed.   First, and foremost, Georgia must have a verifiable voting system in place.  Currently, this is not the case.  As incredible as it sounds, a "group of persons" purchased and installed a voting system for Georgia without a way to verify the accuracy of the final results.  This now obsolete system should, and could, be replaced with the latest computer technology that can generate a paper trail for verification of the very foundation of our representative republic-- accurate voting results.  A despot once said he did not want to be the voter.  He wanted to be the person counting the votes.  We need to vote down T-SPLOST with a landslide victory.  I would not trust a razor thin "yes" vote count using voting machines that cannot be validated with a verifiable backup.

The second thing Georgians need is for every qualified citizen to have the ability to run for office without having artificial barriers and draconian rules to overcome.  The two major parties have created in Georgia the most cumbersome system in the nation for Independent candidates to get on the ballot.  This is because it is in these parties' best interest to prevent legitimate competition for your vote-- but it is not in the citizens of Georgia's best interests.  My futile attempt to run for Governor of Georgia was a proto-typical example of how the current system in Georgia keeps honorable candidates off the ballot (take a bow Secretary of State Brian Kemp and his underling, Wesley Tailor, former Director of the State Elections Division-- now Judge Wesley B. Tailor).

The third thing Georgians need is an ethics commission with the resources to enforce new ethics legislation that prohibits the gross acceptance by powerful politicians of gifts of extraordinary trips, booze, meals and any number of other big and small treats that the politician demands or accepts for valuable "face time" (take a bow Speaker of the House, David Ralston and every other committee chairman in both houses of the legislature).  The time is way past due when this scandalous behavior should have been stopped by tight and restrictive laws.  For those who say you cannot legislate ethics, it must be pointed out that you can certainly legislate strict standards and punish those who egregiously violate the law with expulsion from political office (take a bow Don Balfour).

The fourth thing is a new and improved transportation plan that's primary purpose is to solve transportation problems-- not enrich or benefit connected players.  Mayor Kasim Reed has decided to ride to the rescue of T-SPLOST.  He was quoted as saying that metro Atlanta has never been about minimalism-- that risk is in its DNA.  I agree with him.  But, there is also corruption in metro Atlanta's DNA.  Mr. Mayor, the rhetoric about the airport contracts did not match your deeds.

By flexing our power to reject T-SPLOST,  we will then follow that demonstration of power with a vote for qualified candidates for elected office.  If a candidate is unqualified like Speaker of the House David Ralston, and he is unopposed, voice your opinion by leaving the box next to his name empty.  Ralston receiving very few votes relative to the total votes cast in the election will send him and his other unopposed colleagues in the House a message.  If a candidate has opposition, and neither is a quality candidate, do not vote for either of them-- send them a message.

I close this letter with these remarks.  President Lincoln once said that no foreign power would ever be able to step across the ocean and defeat us. He said the only way America would ever fail was if we destroyed ourselves.  I sincerely hope the voters in my home State do not light a fuse on July 31 that many of us fear will detonate relatively soon thereafter.

Ray Boyd, a concerned citizen